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Who is Flant?

We are highly qualified professionals running your production 24×7×365. We offer DevOps-as-a-Service making your developers happy with CI/CD, modern Kubernetes based infrastructure and best practices for your cloud-native applications.

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Collaboration with the community

Since the start of the company, we adhere to the Open Source philosophy. We have an R&D department that:

  • accumulates best practices as well as tests and develops new solutions;

The results of its activities are based on the rich experience gained while working with the customers. They allow us to offer high-quality services at a reasonable price.

Our prominent Open Source projects include:

  • Werf

    A missing part for CI/CD systems. The content-based delivery tool, mighty and carefully crafted. →
  • Addon-operator

    A system to manage additional components of a Kubernetes cluster in a simple, consistent, and automated manner.

    GitHub →
  • Grafana Statusmap

    Grafana panel plugin to visualize the status of multiple objects over time.

    GitHub →

Our expertise

We have been building and supporting a reliable infrastructure for business-critical applications since 2008. Over that time we have come a long and fascinating way:

  • …from meeting & serving any business needs with the best-performing Open Source-based solutions…
  • …to the strong focus on demanding web/service-based applications, its containerization, deploying to Kubernetes and simplifying the whole life pipeline for its developers.

To make all this possible, we have developed a clear vision of what DevOps should be, established standards for the technologies, key processes and high-quality services.

In January 2019, we have become the first Russian company to obtain the Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) and the Silver Member status of Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Engineers of all our DevOps teams have been certified as Certified Kubernetes Administrators (CKA).

Continuous learning

Qualified staff is our most valuable resource. We are focused on a long-term cooperation with our engineers. To this end, we:

  • line up processes so the skilled engineers are grown up within the company, and then distributed among the existing DevOps teams;
  • assign a mentor to each employee whose duty is to assist the employee in the learning process;
  • assess the quarterly performance of each student, providing timely feedback to help improve professional qualifications;
  • pay great attention to the unification of applied solutions and dissemination of best practices among DevOps teams.