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We provide omnichannel interaction with our team to deal with both urgent and planned tasks in a reliable, transparent manner.

Team for you

A permanent team is assigned to each project. Its main contact persons are the project manager (planning, strategic tasks) and the duty engineer (current incidents). The whole team consists of:

Project manager
PM delves into global goals and currents needs of the customer, monitors deadlines, priorities, and processes. PM ensures that both sides are aware of important news and carries out weekly scheduled meetings.
(and his deputy)
The most experienced engineers who help the team to make technological decisions. They cover architectural matters and other most complex areas.
DevOps engineers
They analyze problems and solve issues on their own — it makes a quick transfer of active cases from person to person possible. They possess both technical and communicative skills to discuss their activities.
Duty engineer
One of DevOps engineers (work in shifts) dedicated to working on urgent tasks only. It is the preferred contact person for all ongoing incidents.

Interacting with us

We provide an omnichannel service to customers:

Slack messenger is our primary way of communication. It is accessible a web interface and mobile applications. It also boasts a special bot for urgent notifications. Slack is good for discussing any issues and is just perfect for reaching all team members in a prompt manner.

The ticket system with web interface and email support. It is our primary tool for scheduled tasks.
Google Meet

Online video conferencing with web interface and mobile applications. Its main purpose is planned meetings with PM and other lengthy discussions.

The traditional way of communication. It is especially good for a thoughtful dialogue concerning non-urgent tasks and issues.

Handling the tasks

Our main tools for handling the tasks are My.Flant (incidents) and Run (scheduled activities). Here is a brief description of the most important systems in use:


Our own solution serving as a single entry point for reporting and tracking incidents. Using this web interface, you can get up-to-date information on all incidents & filter them as well as browse contact details of the team.


The Redmine-based ticket system which is used for scheduled (non-urgent) tasks tracking. It ensures their accurate and timely execution thanks to well-defined business processes, automation, and abnormalities detection.


An internal service that automatically collects all incidents (received from monitoring systems, engineers, customers). These incidents are handled by the duty engineer of your team.

Your tasks will be registered and processed in our single ecosystem regardless of the way they've been collected. An interface with a full history of processed tasks is always available.

Additional information on how we deal with incidents & scheduled tasks as well as the systems behind is available on the Workflow page.