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R&D & Open Source

Our R&D team

Research activities (R&Ds) is a critical component of our business. Their results in many ways create the added value that allows us to deal with the challenges efficiently, qualitatively, and provide subsequent guarantees. It is our primary enabler to offer high-quality services to clients at a reasonable price.

  • 1 architect

    Combines the role of a leader who sets the direction of research and an architect of the most complicated solutions.

    3 solution engineers

    Explore new technologies, figure out their applicability to our tasks and assist other engineers with challenges.

  • 2 system developers

    Mainly write Go-based code creating amazing Open Source projects for engineers.

    1 editor

    Manages the process of preparing articles for our blog, assists our engineers in writing articles.

  • 3 web developers

    Develop backend & frontend solutions for all our internal web services and integrate them with each other.

    1 technical writer

    Creates documentation on our own tools and other technologies & best practices in use.


So what does the R&D team actually do in our company? Like in any other complicated and rapidly growing technological area, we face a lot of intriguing research issues.

  • System tools

    The development of system tools for DevOps engineers who implement and optimize processes such as containerization of applications, deploying them into Kubernetes clusters, etc.

    Open Source

    The adaptation of Open Source products for our needs: integration with software stack in use and our developments, optimal configurations for different use cases, modifications of the source code.

  • Internal services

    The creation and development of our own internal web services to support our key workflows such as daily task scheduling, incident handling, etc.

    Knowledge base

    Our internal knowledge base maintenance. It includes articles, manuals, and videos suitable for training of new personnel and spreading best practices among all our DevOps teams.

  • Emerging technologies

    Research and versatile testing of new technologies that have recently come to the market (or in the process of emergence) and are useful to us and our customers.


Since the start of our company, we adhere to the Open Source philosophy and believe this is the best approach to the spreading of technologies. Not surprisingly, we strive to share the acquired knowledge and experience with bigger community. To that end, we are involved into CNCF foundation activities and even more.

  • Articles and videos

    We regularly post insightful and thought-provoking articles and videos in which we share our lessons learned for wider DevOps community.

  • Events

    We actively participate in various events dedicated to DevOps & Kubernetes all over Russia and the world. Our employees make presentations at major conferences.

  • Open Source

    You can find many of our system tools released as Open Source projects. They have been able to attract third-party users from around the world – you should take a closer look, too!

Open Source

Following and sympathizing the philosophy of Free and Open Source software, we strive to make our key instruments for DevOps engineers available to the world as Open Source.

If you are interested in some of our projects, please visit the relevant pages at GitHub where we publish its source code and the relevant documentation. Feel free to participate in any of these projects as a third-party contributor: questions, suggestions, code commits are always welcome!

  • Werf

    A missing part for CI/CD systems. The content-based delivery tool, mighty and carefully crafted. Uses the power of Docker, Kubernetes, Helm.

    • Since 2016
    • Language: Go
    • License: Apache 2.0
    • GitHub (1000+ stars)
  • Grafana Statusmap

    Grafana panel plugin to visualize the status of multiple objects over time.

    • Since 2018
    • Language: JavaScript
    • License: MIT
    • GitHub (300+ stars)
  • Kubedog

    Library and CLI tool that allows you to monitor Kubernetes resources in the CI/CD pipelines.

    • Since 2018
    • Language: Go
    • License: Apache 2.0
    • GitHub (150+ stars)
  • Shell-operator

    A tool for executing shell scripts in the Kubernetes cluster when certain events occur.

    • Since Apr'2019
    • Language: Go
    • License: Apache 2.0
    • GitHub (350+ stars)
  • Addon-operator

    A tools to manage additional components for a Kubernetes cluster in a simple, consistent, and automated way.

    • Since Apr'2019
    • Language: Go
    • License: Apache 2.0
    • GitHub (100+ stars)
  • Loghouse

    A ready-to-use solution for the management of Kubernetes logs that stores data in ClickHouse. It offers a web interface.

    • Since 2018
    • Language: JavaScript
    • License: Apache 2.0
    • GitHub (450+ stars)

The full list of our projects is available at GitHub. You may also find additional information about new projects and notable releases in our blog.