Flant: company profile

JSC "Flant" is a DevOps company based in Russia (our major offices are currently in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod). Founded in 2008 by two Linux geeks, we went a long way from building and maintaining various enterprise Linux infrastructures to offering comprehensive DevOps services.

Today, we have a solid team of DevOps experts, systems architects & administrators, project managers & programmers to provide qualified 24×7×365 outsourcing services for your business critical applications and developers. We are really excited to make GNU/Linux, Kubernetes and other Open Source gems meet the highest expectations from modern web. What is it all about?

  • Kubernetes made easy

    We love Kubernetes and have a broad experience using it in production environments. Understanding the benefits it can bring to modern web applications and the challenges many businesses facing adopting K8s, we strive to offer an effective, ready-to-use solution based on our best practices and fueled by professional services.

  • Solid foundation

    We create a robust, fault-tolerant, scalable environment based on the best Open Source products and adopted for your needs (e.g. your technology stack, performance & reliability requirements, etc), ensure its 24/7 availability and provide guarantees via Service Level Agreement.

  • CI/CD

    Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment are the basics making your developers' life a dream. We use Kubernetes, Helm, Docker, and GitLab by default for that. However, our experience is much more extensive (including Docker Swarm, Travis CI, Jenkins, TeamCity, etc).

  • IaC

    Infrastructure as Code (IaC) implementation is crucial to keep modern, manageable, scalable infrastructure up-to-date. It also brings real power to your CI/CD as it connects with applications' code. We use Chef as our primary configuration management tool.

A few more facts:

  • We have released some Open Source tools & software. Check it out in our GitHub repository. E.g.:
    • loghouse is our log management solution for Kubernetes (storing data in ClickHouse and providing Papertrail-like user experience);
    • dapp is our tool for making Docker images, deploying apps to Kubernetes & other DevOps needs;
    • nginx-http-rdns is our module for nginx web server;
    • pam_docker is the result of our experiments with Docker.
  • We are real. We participate in the best professional conferences and meetups (HighLoad++, RootConf, etc). We have organized a few of Open Source offline events as well.
  • Our system administrators are certified by the Linux Professional Institute (LPI).
  • Our LinkedIn profile is here.


We speak English, so please feel free to contact us via info@flant.com and discuss any of your needs!