Flant: company profile

JSC "Flant" is a DevOps company based in Russia (our major offices are currently in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod). Founded in 2008 by two Linux geeks, we went a long way from building and maintaining various enterprise Linux infrastructures to offering comprehensive DevOps services.

Today, we have a solid team of DevOps experts, systems architects & administrators, project managers & programmers to provide qualified 24×7×365 outsourcing services for your Web applications and developers. We are really excited to make GNU/Linux and other Open Source gems meet the highest expectations from modern Web. What is it all about?

  • CI/CD

    Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment are the basics making your developers' life a dream. We use Docker, Kubernetes, and GitLab by default for that. However, our experience is much more extensive (includes Dokku, Deis, Docker Swarm, etcd, Consul, Travis CI, Jenkins, TeamCity, etc).

  • Solid foundation

    Business critical Web applications are demanding in the ground you put them in. We create a robust, fault-tolerant, scalable environment based on the best Open Source products and practices, maintain it and provide guarantees using SLA that can fit any specific needs.

  • IaC

    Infrastructure as Code (IaC) implementation is crucial to keep modern, manageable, scalable infrastructure up-to-date. It also brings real power to your CI/CD as it connects with applications' code. We use Chef as our primary configuration management tool.

  • High traffic optimization

    Optimization for high traffic loads is made through all the stack, from hardware firmware and low-level Linux settings to major services (Web servers, Ruby/PHP/Python, DBMS…) configurations. We use stress testings and other tools to identify potential & existing bottlenecks and deal with them.

A few more facts:

  • We have released some Open Source tools & software. Check it out in our GitHub repository. E.g.:
    • nginx-http-rdns is our module for nginx web server;
    • pam_docker is the result of our experiments with Docker;
    • dapp is our tool for deploy & other DevOps needs.
  • We are real. We participate in the best professional conferences and meetups (HighLoad++, RootConf, etc). We have organized a few of Open Source offline events as well.
  • Our system administrators are certified by the Linux Professional Institute (LPI).
  • Our LinkedIn profile is here.


We speak English, so please feel free to contact us via info@flant.com and discuss any of your needs!