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Flant offers DevOps outsourcing services, and we really love it!

  • Founded in 2008 by two Linux geeks in Russia, we have come a long way to deliver best on the market services for what we're so passionate about: designing, deploying and maintaining fault-tolerant, highly scalable infrastructure, typically based on Kubernetes, Linux and other Open Source gems.
  • To make it happen, we are also happy to assist developers in implementing microservices architecture and cloud-native approach.
  • Since adopting apps and its delivery process for modern demands is an ongoing process, our services imply an active collaboration of dedicated team of DevOps engineers with developers to make life of the latter easier and happier.

Today, we have a solid team of DevOps experts, systems architects & administrators, project managers, and our own R&D team to provide qualified 24×7×365 services to meet business expectations of different levels. Our system administrators are certified by CNCF (via Certified Kubernetes Administrator) and Linux Professional Institute (via LPIC).

So what do we do?

  • Kubernetes based infrastructure

    Following IaC (Infrastructure as Code) approach, we deploy and maintain Kubernetes clusters for production, staging, testing and development environments. By default, we work with upstream open source distribution of Kubernetes*.

  • CI/CD for any stack

    We implement the full CI/CD (Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment) processes adopted for your technology stack and other needs (customized workflow and any other special requirements). By default, we use GitLab CI integrated with Kubernetes*.

  • Reliable service

    Our support team is available 24/7, and availability of the dedicated DevOps team is adjustable to your needs (time zone and other special requirements). Response time for requests of any kind is guaranteed via Service Level Agreement.

  • Everlasting best practices

    Keeping our best practices always in mind and constantly improving them, we bring our knowledge via both initial implementation and following subscription. The latter includes automatic technology updates as well as required processes' enhancements.

* In addition to our default infrastructure stack mentioned here, we are open to other solutions as well (other K8s distributions including OpenShift, other CI systems and so on).

Few more facts:

  • We are leading DevOps company in Russia being widely recognized in local IT community for our vast skills, specifically in Kubernetes, confirmed by regular speeches at professional conferences and meetups including HighLoad++, RootConf, Docker Moscow and others.
  • We love Open Source and have released some useful tools. Please check it out in our GitHub repository. The most notable projects include:
    • dapp is our tool for making Docker images, deploying apps to Kubernetes & other DevOps needs;
    • loghouse is our log management solution for Kubernetes (storing data in ClickHouse and providing Papertrail-like user experience);
    • grafana-statusmap is a Grafana panel plugin to visualize status of multiple objects over time.
  • Our customers vary from blockchain startups and online communities to leading ecommerce, mass media and government projects. Geographically, they spread from USA to Asia.


Feel free to contact us via info@flant.com and discuss any of your needs! Here are some of our employees you might be interested in contacting with:


  • Business info:
    Flant Europe OÜ
    VAT No: EE102107335
    Registry code: 14583330
    IBAN: EE420000009320063728
  • Business address:
    Flant Europe OÜ
    Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa
    Järvevana tee 9-40, 11314
  • Beneficiary’s Bank:
    VANA-VIRU 7, 15097

  • Mailing address:
    JSC «Flant»
    12/4 Ugreshskaya Street, office 47A
    Moscow, Russia, 115088

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