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What is DevOps?

Nowadays, «DevOps» has many diverse meanings, there is simply no precise definition. We define it as an approach and a process based on:

  • disruption of boundaries, rejection of the classical separation of Operation & Development as well as any other artificially built “walls” between professionals engaged in the common business;
  • direct, continuous interaction with developers.

The technical implementation is an integral part of it. In essense, it's assisting the process of application development with continuous delivery of modifications (bug fixes, improvements, innovations). This delivery workflow “ends” with having the latest release in production and being sure it has everything required for its reliable operation. Then, another release comes and the whole workflow is repeated.

The task of DevOps engineers is to accompany developers and help them automate routines during all stages of application lifecycle. This collaboration starts from building the code, goes through deploying and testing it, and comes to a comprehensive maintaining when the application is run (it includes monitoring, scaling and other similar activities). The best effect is achieved if the interaction begins at the earliest stages: design of the application's architecture and choice of technologies. However, a full-fledged DevOps transformation is possible for mature projects as well.

We believe DevOps is the synergy achieved through this interaction. Important consequences of this approach are openness to communications, focus on results, and continuous learning. They become the common values of everyone who works on the project.

DevOps as a Service

There are many approaches to the implementation of DevOps. Our model is DevOps-as-a-service. Is it for you?

If you are aware of the advantages of DevOps but don't have a relevant engineering team, then you definitely* can create it. However, in such a case, you would need to spend a lot of time to achieve the desired results.

* It might be quite obvious but still worth mentioning that this challenging process is associated with substantial financial investments and a prolonged learning curve as well as a number of related skills. In particular, you have to organize the communications process and make sure that disputes are resolved in a constructive manner. Also, you have to instill the right value model in the employees.

After a long and fascinating journey to establish your own team, you may face an unexpected question: were the resources used rationally? To prevent such an outcome, you should ask yourself in advance: Is DevOps a core competency of my company?

DevOps-as-a-Service is a ready-to-use solution for those who believe DevOps is an important, yet supplementary tool for achieving their primary business goals. This service is the perfect match for those who cannot waste their time and disperse their efforts on non-core business activities.

DevOps-as-a-Service model allows you to experience all the advantages of DevOps and it brings you quick result for a moderate fee with minimal effort in reorganizing the existing developers team.

  • for a moderate fee

  • in a short time

  • with minimal team reorganization

With DevOps-as-a-Service, you benefit from the best practices which are being constantly improved thanks to our wide production experience and ongoing efforts of our R&D department.

While proven processes and technologies are essential, the people who put them in place are equally important. DevOps-as-a-Service means that everything is managed by a permanent team of experienced specialists within the established approach to the service. As a result, our model allows you to “expand” your current team of engineers to a featured DevOps department. Working with us, you get all the necessary competencies and cover the requirements at all stages of the applications’ lifecycle.

Do you know how your business can benefit from reliable, DevOps-driven infrastructure? Check our understanding here.