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Business-oriented approach

Over the past 10+ years, we learned with certainty that:

  1. It is rather difficult to make a reliable infrastructure solution.
  2. The establishment of effective DevOps processes takes a long time.
  3. It is expensive to build all these things from the ground up by yourself.

What kind of infrastructure would you expect?

  • 1 Reliable
  • 2 Efficient
  • 3 Supervised
  • 4 Cost-effective
  • 5 Trusted
  • 6 Purposeful


All business critical environments should function predictably and 24×7

  • A well-thought-out architecture and automated infrastructure management make it possible to explicitly define the course of actions in various situations, to carry out self-diagnostic, self-healing, and auto-scaling.
  • Comprehensive monitoring system and other preemptive actions ensure timely detection of potential threats and issues that are about to arise. A mature incident handling system that includes all relevant processes also plays an important role. We follow the incident-driven quality assurance preferring alerts to instructions whenever possible.
  • Our DevOps engineers excel in their understanding of the design and way of functioning of the systems created by our company. They ensure continuous monitoring and are always ready for prompt reaction. Engineers are available 24×7 and don't disappear due to malaise or vacation (as they are replaced by colleagues if necessary).


Reducing the time-to-market allows a business to be flexible and adaptive

  • Automation and unification of development processes (CI/CD and related tasks) accelerate the delivery of changes to production. They systematize the development, making it more predictable and controlled.
  • Collaboration is possible if the product is being developed by several teams simultaneously.
  • Properly organized pipelines reduce the risk that separate teams would produce results that differ in a structure which may lead to unexpected problems during operation.
  • Throughout our history, we have seen thousands of applications. We have cooperated with hundreds of teams and maintained their apps based on a very broad software stack. Modern technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Ansible allow us to provide automated infrastructure management (IaC).


All key processes and areas of responsibility should be transparent, deadlines should be predictable

  • Our long-term (over 10 years) expertise in servicing a large number of projects of different scales helps us to make the right architectural decisions and to foresee the consequences of their use.
  • We are constantly overseeing our service standards. They include the timely reporting on tasks progress, omnichannel communications, transparent tasks management, quick incident reaction time (less than 5 minutes).
  • A high-quality multi-layer monitoring system and a well-developed incident handling system are the technical foundations for ensuring quality, achieving business objectives and guaranteeing deadlines.


Both maintenance of infrastructure should be financially viable

  • The cost of our services is comparable (but always lower) to the cost of one or more DevOps engineers on the payroll. We charge a fixed monthly subscription fee.
  • We do not impose strict limits on the amount of works, but rather focus on labor costs for several months on average. We are always ready to help you and strive to fulfill our obligations.
  • A balance is needed between the client’s demands, the desires of engineers, and the real necessity. The ability to achieve it evolves over the years. This evolution is facilitated not only by processes and technologies both vetted by experience but also by understanding of how the customer's business actually works.
  • Our vast experience and high level of automation in use help us to optimize the costs for equipment and service.


Engineers that maintain infrastructure must meet specific requirements

  • It is very difficult to find skilled specialists on the market who can immediately solve complex technical issues. Even third-party recruitment agencies that specialize in IT professionals rarely yield the desired results. We accumulated a rich experience in the continuing recruitment of candidates to cover our growing business needs.
  • Their skills are verified by sophisticated practical testing and detailed interviews with our technical experts engaged. This thorough process is critically important in the case of emerging and so much hyped profession of DevOps engineer.
  • At the hiring stage, we do background check, identify technical competencies and critical psychological aspects. Having regular performance reviews and other tools, we constantly support employee motivation and help them to develop their skills.
  • What if you have your own team? In order to support and actualize its skills, you have to continuously invest effort, time and energy to maintain the high level of efficiency of employees.


Mutual understanding can play a decisive role in the ultimate success of the operation

  • Each project is maintained by a permanent team of DevOps engineers with extensive experience in building DevOps processes. It helps developers to adapt to them.
  • DevOps team warns developers about the potential issues that may arise during the operation of applications and helps them to find bottlenecks and improve performance.
  • Continuous communication and interactive engagement allow us to build truly cooperative relationships between developers and the operations team so that both sides are in the same boat.
  • The culture of interaction is the most challenging part of implementing DevOps in the company. The path to building a reliable infrastructure and efficient processes should be started with the dialogue and mutual support between developers and operations teams.