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Highest standards

Having been engaged in the design, implementation, and maintenance of critically important IT infrastructure for many years, we have naturally developed our own standards. Using them, we achieve effective solutions and guaranteed quality, especially when it comes to a large number of projects with an arbitrary technological stack and high requirements for availability.

The key principle of our work is based on comprehensive analysis during troubleshooting. We apply fundamental approaches, best practices, and best-performing technologies. In case of the lack of ready-to-use solutions, we actively invest in the development of them in our R&D department. We get to the root of problems, eliminate them consistently and for the long run.

Tech stack

We implement the infrastructure for building, deploying and running applications. It is based on the following Open Source solutions:

  • The industrial standard for containerization of applications.

  • Originally created in our company, a powerful tool for building Docker images and deploying them to Kubernetes.

  • The market-leading system for running and orchestrating containers.

  • De facto standard of the monitoring system in the cloud-native ecosystem (we also use Okmeter, the third-party service).

  • While GitLab is offered as a default option for SCM and CI/CD, other systems (Bitbucket, GitHub, Jenkins,, Circle CI, etc) are also supported.

  • Configuration management system that helps in the Infrastructure as Code approach implementation.

Our vision

We offer a holistic solution. Its key issue is not components themselves — it's all about diligent integration and application in the specific context of business tasks.

For example, contrary to popular perception, the presence of Prometheus per se does not guarantee high-quality monitoring in Kubernetes based environments.


Thanks to standardization, we can provide a high-level quality and service to our customers. We solve problems faster and come up with better solutions since we do not have to design and implement them from scratch every single time. Our goal is to achieve the best result using optimal, time-tested approaches and technologies.

In doing so, we do not limit the developers in their needs. Applications can be written in any language and adopt any technological innovations. Supporting platforms in all its diversity is in our best interests and it fits in well with the underlying infrastructure.

Our principles

In our understanding, to make the DevOps approach — focused on both technologies and people involved — successful, it has to be also tightly connected with many other principles.

Here you can find a brief description of the most important parts of our mindset. We truly believe it brings real integrity to the standards we're applying in our work.

Open Source

We are actively involved in the community. Solutions we create are extensively used outside the company. For more information, please read about our R&D activities. The usage of Open Source products in the entire stack helps you to avoid the vendor lock-in. Moreover, the use of Kubernetes means that your infrastructure doesn't depend on specific cloud providers.


Chasing the latest technologies, it's also important not to miss the importance of security issues. Obviously, our standards include policies on:

  • overall infrastructure security best practices (using restrictive default settings, encrypted connections, etc);
  • secure access to our internal systems containing any customer's data (protecting access via 2FA, using Okta as an external IDaaS, centralized authorization management…);
  • employees' workstations (limiting access with authorized computers only, obligatory users' data encryption and other restrictive settings, obligatory key password confirmation for all SSH connections…);
  • employees themselves (background checks, non-disclosure agreements, established access restoration/revoking procedures…).


It's challenging to grow when routine operations take your time and attention. That's why we simplify and automate everywhere possible, so engineers and developers can focus on what's really important. (Our shell-operator is a good, practical example of how we do it for many Kubernetes cases.)

Continuous improvement

We never forget that everything once made should be continuously improved. However this perfectionism should never prevent business from gaining profits today. We find our balance here bringing business results as soon as possible and following with continuous improvements relevant to current state.